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Chaplaincy & the Movement to End Poverty

This blog first appeared on the Poverty Initiative Union in Dialogue Blog: A New & Unsettling Force.

Below are two pieces by Poverty Initiative leaders discussing the different contexts in which they have served as chaplains and how this work is connected to the broader movement to end Poverty.  The first is a reflection by Jennifer Wilder about her work with the Union protest chaplains who have been serving in Zuccotti (Liberty) Park for the past several weeks of Occupy Wall Street.   Jenn’s reflection is followed by an excerpt from a reflection that Union alum and Poverty Initiative leader Onleilove Alston wrote about being a chaplain over the years with the Poverty Initiative, “on the field of battle for justice.”


As I focused on our prayer, I could hear the Occupation Wall Street People’s Mic start not two yards away from us.  Between my eyes half-closed, I could see a camera flash, irreverent yet commonplace at Occupation Wall Street, taking a picture of the two of us.  The lady, (lets call her Glory) who now clasped hands with me in prayer in the middle of roudy Zuccotti Park, had participated that morning in her first-ever protest, which was in Harlem opposing the stop-and-frisk protest policy.  Glory told me her own humiliating experiences of being stopped, frisked, and accused of prostitution.  Glory was pregnant with twins, and she looked forward to telling them what she had done while expecting them to prepare the way for them to have better conditions.

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Still talking about Dr. Jones and Glenn Beck.

So a friend of ours wrote a Facebook note responding to Dr. Jones’s wonderful response to Glenn Beck’s ridiculous attack on liberation theologies.  This Facebook note was read by someone at Union (apparently by one of the white dudes who run the media blog on the website) and was posted on the Union in Dialogue website.  Slight problem, however: none of the extensive conversation/comments that happened on Facebook were transferred to the Union site.  So I submitted a response based on my comments on the Facebook note, it’s awaiting moderation, but in the meantime, I though I’d post it here.

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“Sucker Punched: hear now in the body”

Trigger warning after the jump: Racist verbal abuse and physical threat.

*This is why it matters to seriously engage and analyze the rhetoric of folks like Glenn Beck.  They aren’t talking heads in a vacuum; they are savvy media hounds with an audience in the millions.  And they put real people’s lives at stake, no matter how outlandish their claims appear to be (reposting with permission from Derrick–our beloved friend and co-worker in the struggle… this is his response to Glenn Beck’s recent “take” on Black liberation theology, specifically the works of James H. Cone).

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