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Chaplaincy & the Movement to End Poverty

This blog first appeared on the Poverty Initiative Union in Dialogue Blog: A New & Unsettling Force.

Below are two pieces by Poverty Initiative leaders discussing the different contexts in which they have served as chaplains and how this work is connected to the broader movement to end Poverty.  The first is a reflection by Jennifer Wilder about her work with the Union protest chaplains who have been serving in Zuccotti (Liberty) Park for the past several weeks of Occupy Wall Street.   Jenn’s reflection is followed by an excerpt from a reflection that Union alum and Poverty Initiative leader Onleilove Alston wrote about being a chaplain over the years with the Poverty Initiative, “on the field of battle for justice.”


As I focused on our prayer, I could hear the Occupation Wall Street People’s Mic start not two yards away from us.  Between my eyes half-closed, I could see a camera flash, irreverent yet commonplace at Occupation Wall Street, taking a picture of the two of us.  The lady, (lets call her Glory) who now clasped hands with me in prayer in the middle of roudy Zuccotti Park, had participated that morning in her first-ever protest, which was in Harlem opposing the stop-and-frisk protest policy.  Glory told me her own humiliating experiences of being stopped, frisked, and accused of prostitution.  Glory was pregnant with twins, and she looked forward to telling them what she had done while expecting them to prepare the way for them to have better conditions.

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Student Strike at University of Puerto Rico Enters 28th Day

posted by Onleilove

Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. -From Article 26 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

There is no victory without a fight and we don’t fight unless we have to”.-Quote from UPR Student Protest Art

On April 21, 2010 students at the University of Puerto Rico went on strike to oppose budget cuts. The strike continues and has spread to 10 out of the 11 campuses in the UPR system. Furthermore, our own state and city universities face budget cuts and tuition hikes. Without affordable tuition it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the higher education that is so desperately needed in our changing economy. We are in danger of going back to the not so distant past when higher education was for the elites of our society. Sadly our job market is not going back to the industrialized age but will continue moving forward into the information age where higher education is a necessity.

Please pray for the safety of UPR students and that as a global society we would value our future enough to educate it.

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Student Strike at University of Puerto Rico Enters 28th Day.