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Join the Women’s Ordination Conference Anti- Racism Team!

Via Eda of Hosanna! People’s Seminary

Are you Called to Join the Women’s Ordination Conference Anti- Racism Team?

In the forty years since the beginning of the movement to ordain Catholic women, massive changes have taken place in U.S. and global societies, and in the theological discussion that emerge from and impact them. The exclusion of women from ordination once seemed an unambiguous example of injustice. Today, in light of the shift of the center of Catholic Christianity to the countries of the South and to communities of color in the North, the question of ordination has become more complex. While it remains true that the exclusion of women from the Catholic priesthood is ethically unacceptable, it is also necessary to ask which women we are referring to when we speak of women being ordained or not ordained. We need strategies that will enable women’s ordination activists to struggle with the question: what does it mean that we are both oppressors and oppressed at the same time?

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Eating disorders and the priesthood

(trigger warning for frank discussion of eating disordered behavior)

My version of hell is eating some overcooked starch in a creamy sauce in front of a room of people while they all make idle chatter and comment on how much or how little I’m eating.  Unfortunately for me, I’m a minister, so this situation occurs approximately 5,348 times every week.

The Whisper

Last night I was invited to be a part of a panel on “The Priesthood.”  Considering I went to a multi-denominational seminary, I’ve never really had the chance to sit down and Think Hard About The Priesthood.  It was a good night.  Since it wasn’t in my diocese, I did kind of just say, “To hell with it, I’m gonna be myself and just talk about how yeah, it’s pretty weird that God called this young foul-mouthed dyke fisherman’s daughter to be a priest, but God’s done weirder things, and I think it’s mandatory for priests to be social activists.”  And I got some good feedback – one young pregnant woman said, “That gave me great comfort, because I too am a big introvert and I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop saying ‘fuck’ and I have been wondering if there’s a place for me in the church, and I see you, and I think maybe there is.”

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Mental Health and the Priesthood, in honor of Blogging Against Disablism Day

I am a priest and I live with depression.

I am a priest and there are days when it takes every spare ounce of energy I have to not drive over the guardrail on the bridge.

I am a priest and I have been institutionalized.

I am a priest and I once tried to kill myself.

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