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BBC piece on emerging queer Muslim identities

An article by BBC correspondent Shahzeb Jillani about the growing visibility of queer Muslims in the UK, and the role that imams are playing to support them:

“Some British Asian gay Muslims are embracing a new identity, based as much on race and religion as on sexual orientation with a number trying to do it with the help of their local imams.”

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Sadly Colorism Reigns in Religious Communities…

This post is from an African Muslim woman concerning the colorism in her faith community. As I was reading this post it reminded me of what occurs in many Black Christian churches in regards to romantic relationships. Sadly many “first ladies” in the Black church look a “certain” way. In the past some black churches would not allow you to join if you were darker than the wooden door. Though we want to ignore this issue we have to admit that even in houses of worship women are judge according to the society’s beauty myth.

Islam and Colorism