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White people with dreadlocks = No.

This is the post about white people with dreadlocks.  This is the post about white people who just don’t get the possibility that they could be doing something colonialist.  This is the post written by someone who looks very much like a Nice White Lady but who is actually a white lady who thinks it is really, really, really – like intensely – fun to piss off the old boys club of “radical” movements.

The first question I always get when I talk about white boys with dreadlocks is: why am I so hell-bent on oppressing them?  WHY DO I HATE THEM SO?
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18 Reasons Why I Am Not Emerg(___)

1.  I am, frankly, sick and tired of having white cis men’s concerns centered in theological and church culture.  In the emerg(___) movement, this center has moved from old white cis men to young recovering evangelical white cis men with doting fertile wives.  This is not an improvement if you care about, say, women.  Or people of color.  Or sex workers.  Or people with disabilities.  Or trans people.  Or disabled trans women who are sex workers and people of color. Continue reading