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Oh shit it’s like they read the emergent church user’s manual!!

Eating disorders and the priesthood

(trigger warning for frank discussion of eating disordered behavior)

My version of hell is eating some overcooked starch in a creamy sauce in front of a room of people while they all make idle chatter and comment on how much or how little I’m eating.  Unfortunately for me, I’m a minister, so this situation occurs approximately 5,348 times every week.

“Integrity is contagious, see. It is hard to look at the way we know the truth and not be tempted to look at your own truth, and that truth’s consequences.”

little light wrote a piece over at Questioning Transphobia about believing in trans people and about integrity, and it is a must-read. Read it and read it again.

White people with dreadlocks = No.

This is the post about white people with dreadlocks.  This is the post about white people who just don’t get the possibility that they could be doing something colonialist.  This is the post written by someone who looks very much like a Nice White Lady but who is actually a white lady who thinks it is really, really, really – like intensely – fun to piss off the old boys club of “radical” movements.

The first question I always get when I talk about white boys with dreadlocks is: why am I so hell-bent on oppressing them?  WHY DO I HATE THEM SO?
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White Women

Ages ago I found this on someone’s blog, without citation, so I don’t know who to cite for its creation.  Please let me know in the comments if you know who made it so I can cite them – thank you! [UPDATE: Commenter Angel H. let us know it was made by Bint Alshamsa.  Original here.  Thank you!!!!]


The Whisper

Last night I was invited to be a part of a panel on “The Priesthood.”  Considering I went to a multi-denominational seminary, I’ve never really had the chance to sit down and Think Hard About The Priesthood.  It was a good night.  Since it wasn’t in my diocese, I did kind of just say, “To hell with it, I’m gonna be myself and just talk about how yeah, it’s pretty weird that God called this young foul-mouthed dyke fisherman’s daughter to be a priest, but God’s done weirder things, and I think it’s mandatory for priests to be social activists.”  And I got some good feedback – one young pregnant woman said, “That gave me great comfort, because I too am a big introvert and I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop saying ‘fuck’ and I have been wondering if there’s a place for me in the church, and I see you, and I think maybe there is.”

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How emergent dudes silence anyone who’s not them on controversial blog posts and comment threads

“I really think we should have this conversation face to face, like over a beer or two, things can get misconstrued so easily online.”

Yes, that’s why you’re a prolific blogger and also I just made a really good point but I’m a lady and I’m wearing a collar and I just called you out and you are freaking. The Fuck. Out.

Still talking about Dr. Jones and Glenn Beck.

So a friend of ours wrote a Facebook note responding to Dr. Jones’s wonderful response to Glenn Beck’s ridiculous attack on liberation theologies.  This Facebook note was read by someone at Union (apparently by one of the white dudes who run the media blog on the website) and was posted on the Union in Dialogue website.  Slight problem, however: none of the extensive conversation/comments that happened on Facebook were transferred to the Union site.  So I submitted a response based on my comments on the Facebook note, it’s awaiting moderation, but in the meantime, I though I’d post it here.

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You need to hear Oscar Grant’s mom breaking it down.

This is the best fucking biblical scholarship I’ve heard in years.

Pray for the family.

Pray for the strength to continue the fight.

The dreadlocks thing.

I am working on a longer post about young white cis men’s reactions to being called out about their dreadlocks.  For now, please read this.