Hosanna! People’s Seminary Presents: SEX,RACE & MONEY Rolling Away the Stone in the Beloved Community.

This is going to be an exciting opportunity to dialogue with people from across the country about how to build true community. I present my research on New Monastics and Critical Race Theory on May 9th! Special Communion guest contributor Eda Uca-Dorn will be presenting as well.

Want a taste of the learning/teaching circle now? Check out H!PS director Eda Uca-Dorn’s article and interview on Jesus Radicals’ Iconocast discussing the Hosanna! Communities Initiative. Visit: www.hopesem.org for more information.

Join us for the first Hosanna! Communities Initiative learning/teaching circle, SEX, RACE, & MONEY: Rolling Away the Stone in the Beloved Community. In this four-part liberation training program we will begin dreaming together what would make for missions of mutual liberation, that is those built on Lila Watson’sinvitation: If you have come to help me, go home. If you have come because your liberation is bound up in mine, let us work together. Eda Uca-Dorn will be facilitating with Chelsea Collogne presenting research on sex-positive community building and Onleilove Alston presenting research on race and class dynamics in Christian mission. (Learn more about our presenters)

1.   When/How/Where will you meet?

    We will be meeting 5PM PST/8PM EST by web-based video conference.

2.   What does it cost?

    It’s free! In fact, we will be lending limited supplies of webcams, headsets, and Ethernet cables to those for whom buying supplies would pose a barrier to participation.

3.   Who can participate in this learning/teaching circle?

    Anyone who agrees to abide in our community guidelines and who can meet the following minimum technology requirements. We will be offering (in fact, requiring) tech training for participants (picking one person in your group to be the tech liaison is fine). If you have any questions (or suggestions!) on tech, please contact Mike@hopesem.org. The tech requirements are:

4.   How many people will be able to participate?

    It’s a weird sort of question to answer. You’re welcome to gather in as large groups as you’d like for the sessions however unfortunately, we only have room for ten webcam streams in this program.

5.   Webcam Streams? What are you talking about?

    In web-based video conference lingo, a “stream” is the video coming from a web cam. The details are complicated for tech neophytes like us to explain but if you imagine that each “stream” is like a car on a road and the more cars are on the road, the more likelihood of traffic and slowdown. Because the “road” offered by our video conference provider is pretty small (that’s due to current developments in technology- we’d have gotten a bigger “road” if one existed) we can only have about 10 “cars” or webcam streams per session or we’re likely to have annoying technical difficulties.

6.   How can I/we have one of the ten streams?

7.   I have a community meal/work/yoga/other commitment during the meeting time. Is it OK for me to only come to one or two of the sessions?

    • Because we have limited room for full participants and we are meeting only four times, we ask all participants to commit to attending all four sessions. Communities which register may have rotating members in the sessions if members make a commitment to sharing what was discussed at missed sessions with others. We ask that members who missed sessions are eager to listen and slow to speak.

      8.   What if I/we can’t participate in the sessions?
    We will be making available taped presentations on this site along with a resources list and message board to allow you and your community to follow along independently. We hope to be creating many more opportunities for this kind of learning and dialogue in the future!

9.   I have more questions! Whom should I contact?

    We’d love to hear from you! Contact info@hopesem.org.

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