White Women

Ages ago I found this on someone’s blog, without citation, so I don’t know who to cite for its creation.  Please let me know in the comments if you know who made it so I can cite them – thank you! [UPDATE: Commenter Angel H. let us know it was made by Bint Alshamsa.  Original here.  Thank you!!!!]


3 responses to “White Women

  1. Betty Crocker

    OMG like so totally true! Sexism is not the most grand, sweeping and devastating form of oppression in existence. All the other forms of oppression are the only legitimate ones. People who are involuntarily born Caucasian females are, as an entire group, by default, way too privileged to claim oppression, or to be angry.

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom, and promoting tolerance and harmony with your rational, un-bigoted and ethical post. We didn’t even need the words. The picture alone says it all. Not what I expected when I came to this site. I won’t be back.