Christine Yvette Lewis of DWU on Colbert Report!

posted by Onleilove

Christine Yvette Lewis Domestic Workers United organizer, poet, Steel Drum player and friend of Special Communion was on the Colbert Report yesterday!

Christine takes on Colbert!

2 responses to “Christine Yvette Lewis of DWU on Colbert Report!

  1. Best line “I don’t know who first called it unskilled, but my God, if I should find this person…” 🙂

  2. It should also be noted that though this isn’t explicitly covered in the interview, Christine is a FIERCE woman of God as well– I once saw her and a few other members of Domestic Workers United basically lead a revival when a group of students from our seminary went to visit their office. And if you know anything about whiteline progressive protestant seminaries, you know that revivals are not easy to accomplish there. SHE. IS. ON. FIRE!