Pastor Prays for worker justice in the face of Intimidation

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“Workers are human beings, they are people, they are NOT disposable, they are children of God…” Rev. Powers of Light Street Presbyterian Church praying for ESPN Zone workers

On Wednesday June 30th former ESPN Zone employees, Baltimore Inner Harbor workers and allies held a press conference with United Workers a group that represents low-wage workers. The workers decided to have a press conference after forming a human rights committee to address the manner in which the Baltimore ESPN Zone closed on June 15th, 2010.  ESPN Zone which is owned by Disney violated the WARN Act (a federal law) by closing without giving workers at least 60 days notice. In other cities ESPN Zone employees showed up to work to find the restaurant closed. The only reason the employees in Baltimore had even one week’s notice is due to a news leak and facebook status. Standing in front of the closed restaurant workers courageously shared their stories and demanded a face to face meeting with ESPN Zone executives. For the workers the issue is not just financial retribution but dignity. Rev. Powers of Light Street Presbyterian Church opened the press conference with a prayer for worker justice but during his prayer a guard from Cordish (which is the developer ESPN Zone rented from) attempted to stop the prayer. Rev. Powers continued to pray and did not get angry.  As he was leaving the press conference Rev. Powers displayed great humility by telling me the guard was only trying to do his job. It was empowering for the workers to see a faith leader stand alongside them with such grace and courage.

Rev. Powers’s prayer showed me that you can pray with the oppressed without responding in anger towards those enacting the oppression.

ESPN Zone Worker Testimonies

For more information visit United Workers.

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