The dreadlocks thing.

I am working on a longer post about young white cis men’s reactions to being called out about their dreadlocks.  For now, please read this.

5 responses to “The dreadlocks thing.

  1. lovejustice88

    AMEN! I loved this booklet! You already know how I feel about this…. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. misssocialjustice

    Good tool!!
    I just had a conversation with a group of friends mostly white where we talked about appropriation, where it happens, how it happens and why white americans wearing dreadlocks is NOT ok. This booklet would have been helpful. This is the THIRD conversation I have had with Caucasians about why it’s wrong to have dreads and I live in the most segregated metropolitan area in the country. (At least that’s what their known for). So I’m confused as to why this came up three times in the first place.

  3. this makes it sound like white people never had dreadlocks historically…white people’s hair naturally dread in a way too, not in the same style (thats why it never looks the same) but those who just let thier hair go…it will dread. Yes, there is a political statement behind dreads…but this doesnt negate that white people in Europe didnt have dreads… its like saying…if your not german then you cant eat sausages, or if your not Japanese then you cant eat sushi…stay in your box…only in your box, if you dont know where yours box came form then your skrewed…

    • I do think that it is the responsibility of the person who does have dreads to know the he history or politics of them..

  4. I live with a couple of white folks who want to dread and I’m always inwardly groaning anytime they talk about it. It really seems to be more about a ‘look’ they’re going for (anarcho-christians really enjoy the dreads) than anything else. This booklet is so helpful.

    But here’s a question, what about black folks rocking fro-hawks or other poc rocking dreads? Same sense of appropriation or is ita bit more flexible? (I’m a black woman who has sported a faux-hawk in the past but this made me rethink whether that was OK or not, so thanks for the critical thought).